5 "Weird" Ways To Be More Powerful

5 "Weird" Ways To Be More Powerful

Updated: Jul 2, 2018

by Martin Rooney

Success Secret: Your personal power only grows when you do.

The last few days have been another classic “Rooney Whirlwind” of motivation and miles. On Friday, I got up at 4:30am for my first of four flights that would occur in less than 30 hours. I flew to Phoenix, Arizona and after an hour layover, took another quick flight to one of my favorite cities: Las Vegas.

If you were to ask me why I am fond Las Vegas, the answer wouldn’t be about gambling or excess. Why I enjoy Vegas is because I have so many precious memories of coaching and presenting. Over the years I have traveled to Sin City to corner dozens of UFC fights and deliver a number of TFW certifications and workshops. Because I have been there so many times, I’ve visited most of the casinos and popular sites. Instead of a roller coaster or show, this time I chose to see something different. And as always, I was glad for the lesson a new experience provides.

Since my entire trip would barely last a full day, there was no time to waste. I hustled off the plane with only carry-on bags and found my driver (and owner of TFW Vegas NW) Tony Wood. When he asked me where I would like to spend the few free hours I had before coaching that night, instead of visiting the Vegas Strip, I chose the Hoover Dam.

Within 25 minutes of starting the car, we found ourselves headed back toward the Arizona border in Boulder City, Nevada. Those 25 minutes gave me enough time to research the history of the dam and form a plan how to experience the structure in the short time we had. If you have never been to the site, it is worth checking out. Built in the 1930’s, it is considered one of the engineering marvels of the modern world. When you see it in person, you will immediately realize why. When you spend some time there, you realize it’s not just the size of the dam itself, but the size of the idea of the dam itself that is most impressive.

After getting some photos, doing a set of pushups with my feet in Nevada and hands in Arizona (the dam crosses over the state line) we checked out the view from the O’Callaghan/Tillman Memorial Bridge. While viewing the dam, you couldn’t miss seeing this bridge spanning in the distance. At first I thought it was just for cars, but when I saw people walking on it, I knew it would be worth checking out. We found the entrance, and then found ourselves walking out thousands of feet above the dam for an even more amazing view of the size and scope of the structure.

After the inspiration of both the view from and history behind the bridge, we were back in the car and headed to the TFW facility. By 5pm I got the honor to not only train the TFW students, but also enjoy a great “potluck” dinner after the training. Beside eating healthy food, I also got to do one of my favorite things: hear the stories of how TFW has helped people to “bring out his or her warrior within.”

As I listened to story after story, I noticed an interesting trend. Each one of the students, even though they were different people, had an identical framework to their story. Every story had the same plot: years of struggle with fitness that built up into a problem that was finally released. As these people courageously told me their stories, they unknowingly gave me the secret how you can unleash your own personal power: by regaining CONTROL of and releasing what’s been holding you back!

That night as I reflected on the student stories and my visit to the Hoover Dam, I found an interesting similarity. In addition to learning about the years and engineering it took to build the Hoover Dam, there was something else about the structure’s history that interested me: Every day, the water it releases generates power for 1.3 million homes. The purpose of the dam isn’t just to hold water back; the purpose is to use the stored energy in that blocked up water to power others!

Each one of the people’s stories followed the same principle. They too had this powerful reservoir of stored energy blocked up inside of them and only when it was finally released were they able to positively power themselves and others. I couldn’t sleep now realizing people have “dams” in their mind. Many problems can be blamed on the fact things are being blocked up mentally and they have forgotten to release them. And the simple secret to do this starts with taking control.

After listening to the stories and thinking about my own personal “dams”, I realized there are common things that build up behind the dams in most people’s mind. See if any of the 5 items on this list are currently holding you back:

5 Most Common Things Blocking Your Power
1. Fear
2. Past Failures
3. Negative Thinking
4. Being Comfortable or Lazy
5. Wrong Circle of People

Are any of these holding you back from what you want? If you could control your dams, you could bridge the gap between where you are and where you want to be.

So, how do you release the things holding you back? Simple. Just like a dam, you open a little gate and let the blockage start to flow away. The secret to opening a gate to unblock the dam in your mind is simply taking action. When you do, you will start to generate personal power over what was holding you back. But that power only starts when you do. As an example, if fitness is an issue for you right now, here are 5 small actions to open the gate and generate power over what is holding you back:

1. Get A Physical Checkup
2. Join A Fitness Program Or Sign Up For A Trial Class
3. Go For A Walk Or Bike Ride
4. Have A Healthy Meal Or Cut Out Something Unhealthy From Your Diet
5. Get Yourself A Goal, Coach or Training Partner

You know you have greatness inside, but maybe it is currently blocked up. All the greatness building up needs to be released to ever power the people around you. One way to unleash it is at my full-day event called Coaching Greatness. On Saturday, I presented the course and again was reminded of it’s power when people start letting their blockages go.

The Hoover Dam was so impressive because it was out there for everyone to see. Now you should realize the most impressive and powerful dams are the ones you can’t see.

Millions every year come to marvel at the Hoover Dam, but if you could control the dams inside of yourself, even more people would be powered. Get started on the list above or take some action to release what is holding your greatness back. When you do, you will be the one to make the world even more marvelous.

Yours in Strength,



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